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The Fashion Channel HBS Case Notes

Introduction The protagonist of this case is Dana Wheeler who is the senior vice president of marketing for TFH She was looking into preparing a new Segmentation and Positioning Strategy If her boss liked what he heard then they would move forward with a 60 million dollar MIMIC campaign utilizing national advertising, promotion, and public relations.This was an increase of 15 million dollars from last year. Background TFH was a successful cable network that was the only one who broadcasted up-to- date news about fashion 24 hours a day, 7 days a week It was founded in 1996 It has had consistent and constant growth since the beginning, revenue was projected to grow to 310 million dollars in 2006 marking another steady year of growth.The channel was one of the most widely available niche networks reaching 80 million US households (this number represents the number of people who had TFH in their package not those watching it) Women between 34 and 54 years were its most avid viewer accord ing to its annual demographic survey Beyond basic demographics the network had no other information on its viewers Nor did it attempt to market to any viewer segments in particular Early on the network had chosen a something for everyone† type of strategy in its programming and advertising TFH has clearly grown quickly despite it lack of targeted marketing, however at the beginning of 2006 TFH had realized that other networks were taking note of its success Some of its biggest competitors became Lifetime and CNN who had added fashion programming to their lineup This is what prompted Tech's CEO to want to change up TFH marketing and be more strategic with their marketing, this is why they hired Dana who extensive experience with marketing packaged consumer goods as well as broad experience in advertising.Tech's CEO and other executives felt some urge to resist change and didn't want to â€Å"fix what wasn't broken† Wheeler's Plans Frazier (senior up of ad sales) had warn ed that TFH would need to drop the price of a unit of advertising by 10 % if changes weren't made in Tech's performance He mentioned that CNN and Lifetime's fashion shows were achieving notable ratings (EXHIBIT 1) Frazier was a great salesman and was Justifiably worried about sales Wheeler knew that in order to hold or increase the price it would be crucial to attract a critical mass of viewers who were interested in the network's content and were attractive to advertisers The key would be targeting the right viewers and offering advertiser an attractive mix of viewers when compared to their competitors BUT if she changed the network's offering in a way that disappointed too many consumers it could risk losing its distribution support Her plan was to build a strategy for segmentation and use it as a base to employ all marketing tools at her disposal, traditional/internet ads, PR and promotions to reach targeted consumers Everyone felt that advertising was TFH primary growth opportun ity. Tiff's Advertising Revenue Model TFH was on target to generate 230. Million dollars in 2006 from advertising The advertising business model was built on attracting a mix of male and female viewers on a regular basis – think â€Å"something for everyone† strategy Tuft average rating was 1. 0 with 110 million households or 1. 1 million people people watching at any given time.The ad sales team sold access to viewers through 30 to 60 second spots to a variety of advertisers which included automobile manufacturers, clothes companies, and cosmetic companies There were usually 6 minutes of advertising per 30 minutes of programming (20 percent); 24 hours per day; for a total of 2016 minutes per week In 2006 industry data showed that advertisers spent 20 billion dollars on advertising in cable industry, however there were over a hundred networks competing for these dollars which made competition fierce. TFH was the only dedicated fashion network If CNN and Lifetime are su ccessful more channels may copy them creating more competition for TFH The network based ad unit prices on several factors The number of viewers (ratings) The audience characteristics (demographics and lifestyle)Both of the are hurting ad sales and hurting Tech's CPM TFH was facing additional competitive challenges in its attractiveness to cable affiliates. On a scale of 1 to 5 TFH achieved a 3. 8 whereas fashion programming on CNN scored a 4. 3 while Lifetime scored a 4. 5 On awareness TFH scored 4. 1; CNN 4. 6; and Lifetime 4. 5 On perceived value TFH scored 3. 7; CNN 4. 1; and Lifetime 4. Memo's use the aforementioned data to determine Affiliate Fees and which package to offer TFH in. If TFH continues to underperformed it may be offered in less appealing packages making it seen in even fewer households, ruining its prospects of revenue growth or even survival.The Data strongly indicates that change in programming need to happen so that TFH can increase consumer interest, awarenes s, and perceived value This change could result in upsetting some of the existing loyal viewers The Management team had been with TFH for years and experienced large amount of their growth arguing safe marketing strategies where Wheeler is asking them to take a risk. Attitudinal Research Findings The Following Data can be found in Exhibit 2 and Exhibit 3 There are four unique groups of viewers Factionists Planners & Shoppers Sustainability Basics While the segments varied in size, Wheeler quickly noticed that the smallest -The Factionists- had a high degree of interest in fashion Most of the male interest occurred in the Basics cluster- the least likely to be engaged with TFH content. Factionists, Planners, and Sustainability all had cluster of women between the ages 18 to 34, the premium demographic.By investing in a major marketing/advertising campaign it would be reasonable to expect that awareness and viewing of the channel would go up This could deliver a ratings boost of 20% a nd would take the rating from 1. 0 to 1. 2 If the current audience mix stayed the same, ad sales were predicting a ten percent drop to $1. 80 Wheelers Preferred Strategy Targeting Factionist's, Shoppers/Planners, and Situational All segments mentioned have clusters of the desired age group but both Planners and Situational are made up of older women their existing audience and they would all be targeted It is likely to assume that ratings would increase from 1. 0 to 1. No clear data is given about CPM No clear data is given about the increase in cost of programming Alternative Strategies Focusing on Factionists This segment was strong in the highly valued 18-34 female demographic It was smaller that other segments representPrimarily targeting Men Pursue a desirable demographic as men of all ages are a premium demographic No data on ratings No data on CPM No data on Programming costs, however it would be likely to assume that costs would pike as all current programming is geared to s lightly older women (their current primary demographic) They would likely and very quickly lose all of their current audience due to shift in programming for a demographic that they are unsure they can even secure. High short-term risk as all current audience will be lost and could result in ratings loss and being taken off the basic cable package Long-term if this strategy is successful, men could be a larger audience than women as more age groups are desired by advertisers. This could result in greater affiliate fees and ad sales.

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The Financial Performance of Microsoft

In 2009, Microsoft felt the impact of the recession and the difficulties that all businesses faced in responding to one of the most challenging economic environments in the past 100 years. The fiscal 2010 was a year of remarkable accomplishments with record revenue earnings per share reported. Outstanding determination across all businesses, maintained a disciplined approach to controlling costs, and proved deep commitment to smart investments in technology innovation. Since the company was created in 1975, Microsoft has created technology that transformed the way people worked, played, and even communicated all over the world. Their services and developments in hardware, and other solutions has opened new opportunities, greater convenience, and enhanced value to people’s lives. Microsoft profits from software licenses, and web based services like Bing, Windows Live, and Xbox Live services. In reviewing the year performance from 2009 and 2010 it is clear that revenue increased. Microsoft had much success in 2010 with the release of Windows 7, as well as PC market improvements. Operating income increased reflecting the change in revenue, offset in part by higher operating expenses. Sales and marketing expenses increased $335 million. This could be expected because of the increased advertising and marketing of Bing and Windows 7. General and administrative expenses increased $304 million and cost of revenue increased $240 million, primarily reflecting increased online costs and charges resulting from the discontinuation of the KIN phone, offset in part by decreased Xbox 360 console costs and reductions in other costs due to resource management efforts. Research and development expenses decreased $296 million, because of a decrease in third-party development and programming costs and increased capitalization of certain software development costs. Microsoft year ending 2010 reflects 380 million shares repurchased, an increase in earnings per share and an increase of net income. When viewing the performance of 2008 compared to 2009 it is clear that revenue declined across most segments due to the weak economic environment, which directly affected all markets. Many business experienced cut backs and layoffs, which caused a decline in demand for PC. According to Microsoft financial results the company had an increased server and server application revenue, reflecting recognition of deferred revenue from previously signed agreements and continued adoption of the Windows Server Platform and applications through SQL Server, Enterprise CAL Suites, and System Center products. Foreign currency exchange rates had a favorable impact of $486 million on revenue. In reference to the decreased operating income, it reflected decreased revenue. Operating expenses were flat with decreased general and administrative and sales and marketing expenses offset by increased headcount-related expenses, cost of revenue and employee severance charges. According to Microsoft’s calendar for first quarter results ending March 2011, financial performance dropped from the record-setting calendar fourth quarter results 2010. Earnings per share of $0. 61 were a 3-quarter low. First quarter has been an annual cyclical low for Microsoft for 3 years. Gross margin increased slightly but net margin decreased. Financial position continues strong, very liquid, and total assets are now just below $100 billion. Microsoft’s website has financial reports stating total revenues of $16. 43B, net income of $5. 71B, and earnings per share of $0. 61. From 2010 the fourth quarter total revenues were down -17. 67%, net income down -21. 13%, and earnings per share down -20. 78%. These results are shocking when compared to that same year’s fourth quarter, which these were up +13. 27%, +30. 60%, and +35. 56%, respectively. Financial reports state that first quarter of 2011, gross margin increased quarter over quarter to 76. 28%, but is still below historical 80+% range. Operating margin dropped quarter over quarter to 34. 75%, which is a 6-quarter low. Net margin dipped to 31. 85%, but is the 3rd consecutive quarter above 30%. Cash flow from operations per share increased dramatically to $1. 02 from the prior year’s fourth quarter (2010) of $0. 49. Most of the increase in cash flow was attributable to a decrease in accounts receivable. Total assets increased quarter over quarter +8. 4% to a record $99. 7B from the prior quarter of $92. 3B. The capital to assets ratio increased quarter over quarter to 53. 60%. The current ratio is a very liquid 66. 44%, which is a multi-year high. Microsoft reaffirmed operating expense guidance of $26. 9 billion to $27. 3 billion for the full year ending June 30, 2011. Microsoft also offered preliminary operating expense guidance of $28. 0 billion to $28. 6 billion for the full fiscal year ending June 30, 2012. Microsoft’s growth rates for total revenues show a decrease of -17. 7% in March 2011 first quarter results, after increasing for 3 consecutive quarters, by +10. 59%, +0. 97%, and now +23. 20%. Earnings per Share decreased -20. 78% in March 2011 first quarter, after increasing for 3 consecutive quarters, by +13. 33%, +21. 57%, and now +24. 19%. This first quarter has started Microsoft is starting out 2011 with a weak quarter, especially after the 2010 fourth quarter peak. It is important for Microsoft to direct the business focus towards the continuation of technological advancements and high-quality products and services to customers. Peter Klein said, â€Å"We delivered strong financial results despite a mixed PC environment, which demonstrates the strength and breadth of our businesses,† as chief financial officer at Microsoft he continues by saying, â€Å"Consumers are purchasing Office 2010, Xbox and Kinect at tremendous rates, and businesses of all sizes are purchasing Microsoft platforms and applications†. Microsoft must continue 2011 with their trend of developing innovative software applications and solutions to enhance and improve communication and aid business intelligence, with special attention to innovations for small businesses.

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Debate Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Debate - Assignment Example According to Nelson et al (2011), all children, irrespective of their learning or physical abilities require training on how to become resilient people. Resilience is a crucial part of life that all children need to acquire to enable them deal positively with any form of adversity and hardships in life. Positive discipline is an essential aspect that parents can use to teach children to develop positive qualities in life. If parents deny children with disabilities rates of discipline that can help them develop these qualities, they will be denying them something valuable. It will be rational for parents and teachers to discipline children with special needs in the same they do typically developing children (Bowers, & Pickhardt, 2011). According to martin (2004), it is a wise thing for parents and teachers to maintain the same levels of discipline to all children. This author argues that keeping a consistency in discipline for all children will promote a healthy environment, for them to grow up. It is reasonable for parents and teachers to have inclusive systems for typically growing children and those with special needs. Such inclusion will ensure a balanced attitude among children. Disciplining them differently will promote the development of attitudes that are likely to lead to discrimination. Excluding children with special needs from punishment has the potential to prompt the typically developing children to portray a negative attitude to those excluded. As the Virginia department of education (2010) noted, discipline is a very crucial aspect for children with special needs. The article highlights the fact that even children with special needs are subject to the development of codes of behavior that have negative effects to society just like their typically developing counter parts. Therefore, it is essential for parents and teachers to have this awareness and take preventive measures. Excluding children with special needs from

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Conceptual Framework Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Conceptual Framework - Essay Example Apart from the public versus private project distinction there is very little to differentiate between them. Current accounting and auditing practices are basically centered on the primary and immediate concerns of the practitioners, i.e. accountants and auditors presume the importance of rule-based accounting practices to be the ultimate aim so that failures can be disregarded as technical variances. In other words compliance with accounting and auditing rules is of primary and immediate concern to the practitioner. The significance of this outcome is essentially seen in the modern compliance-centric accounting environments where hierarchically organized structures exert an extraordinary amount of pressure on the average accountant/auditor to comply with norms that have very little if any to do with such broader and more important concepts like corporate governance, quality of accounting and auditing practices, audit judgment, auditor behavior, business forensics concerning auditing and the corporate pricing policy of audits. Thus the inevitable outcome is that CF projects fail and despite these failures they are being undertaken purely in conformance with standard setting behavioral tendencies of boards and other governing bodies. The Board should decide often whether a piece of data should be recognized in the financial statements, when such an item should be recognized, and at what amount it should be recognized. The Board has depended on the conceptual framework of other standards setters and analogous examples from practice or previous standards to make such decisions in the past. This technique of decision making tends to give rise to certain inconsistencies in financial reporting standards and could bring about too much dependence being placed on accounting concepts which were not developed for a governmental environment (Taylor, & Dezoort, 2003). Analysis Therefore, the project on recognition and measurement attributes is necessary to give the GASB with conceptual guidance as to when elements of financial statements should be reported in particular financial statements and at what amount. This will bring about developing recognition criteria and will be inclusive of a discussion of when elements of financial statements are recognized using different measurement focuses. For the GASB to make consistent financial reporting decisions, it is needed to have (1) definitions of the elements of financial statements, (2) a method of finding out when elements of financial statements should be realized in the financial statements, and (3) a method for determining which measurement attribute (for example, historical cost or fair value) is suitable for reporting the elements. The GASB in recent times issued a Concepts Statement on the definitions for the elements of financial statements, and a conceptual framework project on recognition and measur ement attributes is needed to complete the conceptual basis for reporting items in traditional financial statements. I. Deficiencies in Financial reporting practices What messages are financial statements conceptually trying to put forward (That is, what is the story that the financial

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Appeal letter Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Appeal letter - Essay Example This is because the philosophy that is taught is not the same as the one which I have been raised knowing and I attribute this failure to understand to the cultural and philosophical differences between Canada and my home country. My failure to understand most of the concepts in the philosophy curses has been very frustrating for me because it has led to a situation where I feel that despite all of my studying, I am not making any significant progress. My problems with the philosophy course came to be coupled by my illness which persisted from May to December 2014. During this period, I developed a nasal sinus cyst as well as having my right eyeball aching most of the time; making it difficult for me to conduct my studies as effectively as I would have liked to. Furthermore, as a result of the severity of my illness, I was forced to abandon the summer 2014 semester and this is a circumstance which was not only frustrating for me, but it also led to my poor performance. I went to see a doctor concerning my illness and despite his recommending that I undergo surgery, I was not able to because it is an expensive procedure and the insurance that I have in Canada cannot wholly cover. The lack of enough funds to ensure that I underwent surgery in Canada meant that I was forced to continue with the following semester the best way that I could since I had not only been left behind in my studies, but also because I had no other option. In December 2014, I went back to my home country the day after completing my final exam for the 2014 fall semester. While in my home country, I was able to receive some treatment and as a result, I felt better than I had for months. When I returned to Canada in early January 2015, I brought some drugs that had been prescribed for me by my doctor and these were intended to not only keep me healthy, but also to reduce the size of the nasal sinus cyst. The doctor further recommended that I only undergo surgery after completing my

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Steel making Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Steel making - Essay Example The process of steel making process involves producing steel from either the ferrous scrap or from iron. During the steel making practice, there is the removal of excessive impurities, among which are silicon, nitrogen, carbon and phosphorous from raw iron, together with other elements of alloy like nickel, vanadium, chromium and manganese, for the production of different steel grades (Mohammed, Stephen, and Seetharaman 1566). The limitation of dissolved gases that include oxygen and nitrogen, as well as all other impurities entrained within steel is important for enhancing the product quality cast from the initial liquid state. Two important processes are involved in steel making; the electric arc furnace, and Basic Oxygen Steelmaking (BOS). The latter uses scrap steel and blast-based liquid pig-iron as the major feed materials, whereas the former makes use of the direct reduced iron or the scrap steel (Mao, Pan, Pang, and Chai 67). The oxygen steel making is exclusively fueled by the reaction’s exothermic nature within the vessels, while the electric arc furnace (EAF) process makes use of the electric energy for melting of the solid scrap material. Introduction of additional chemical energy for EAF processes has enhanced the evolution of the process to almost equal the technological expertise involved in oxygen steel making. The modern processes for steel making can be classified as primary or secondary. The primary steel making generally entails the conversion of liquid iron from an original steel scrap and blast furnace to steel by the melting of scrap, or basic oxygen steel making, and the use of direct reduced iron within the electric arc furnace (Seiji, Yoshiyuki, and Masuro 13). The secondary process of steel making, however, entails the refinery of crude steel prior to casting, and this involves numerous operations in the ladles. The addition of alloying agents occurs during the secondary metallurgy

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Leadership and Organizatioinal Change Research Proposal

Leadership and Organizatioinal Change - Research Proposal Example Background to the Study Leaders are critical in change process given the role they play in the entire process. Leaders, for example, develop vision and strategy for the organization, create the need for change, identify new approaches to adopt, and even empower employees to take part in change process (Seidman and McCauley, 2011, p.47). As a result, leaders are critical to the success of change process. However, modern organizations due to internationalization and globalization have people from different cultures, backgrounds, ethnics, and so on. Given that, these people have to work together and help organizations achieve their goals, best ways have to be found on how well such people from diverse cultures can work together for the good of the organization. This therefore requires leadership teams of organizations to identify and implement the best strategies in order to establish cross-cultural teams that help organization achieve its goals. Although there is growing literature con cerning the positive role cross cultural teams plays in enabling organizations realize goals (Voutsas, 2011, pp. 116-117) there is little literature concerning how leadership teams can participate in establishing the most effective cross-cultural teams. Statement of the Problem Due to numerous dynamics in the environment, business managers and leaders have found change to be inevitable. Organizations have found out that having a heterogeneous workforce in globalized world is unavoidable. As a result, more and more people from different cultures are likely to work together in one organization. Due to this, organizations’ leadership has to find the best ways of establishing and managing effective cross-cultural teams in order to achieve objectives of the organization. Purpose of the Study The aim of this study is to establish the appropriate ways organizational leadership can take part in establishing effective cross-cultural teams in an organization. This will be achieved thro ugh analyzing a number of international firms that have heterogeneous workforce. Objectives The objective of the study is to identify and analyze strategies used buy firms to establish effective cross-cultural teams. The understanding is that organizational change can effectively be carried out through the input of cross-cultural teams. Research Questions This study will be guided by the following research questions: What strategic role can cross-cultural teams play in change management of an organization? How can organizational leadership create and sustain effective cross-cultural teams? Hypothesis Effective cross-cultural teams should promote good: communication, decision-making, conflict resolution, interpersonal relationships, leadership, and collaboration, which in turn are likely to results into effective organizational change. a) Independent variable The independent variable to be studied includes the function of cross-cultural teams in an organization. b) Dependent variable The dependent variables to be studied include skills with regard to communication, decision-making, conflict resolution, interpersonal relationship, leadership, and

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Schedule and Cost Control Techniques College Essay

Schedule and Cost Control Techniques College - Essay Example As a project manager of this important project, I believe the success of this project is my responsibility and I believe that in order to make it a success, the costs and schedules associated with this project need to be considered and management effectively. Since Project management is a very delicate job and requires the necessary skills and aptitudes to implement and execute them as smoothly as one can. However, it is always possible that the earlier estimates made, schedules prepared may go awry as the future is always uncertain. This means that project managers may not always meet their targeted budgets and schedules. As a first step to review the schedules and control processes, it is very important that project managers must ensure their weekly review. This would allow the necessary flexibility and control over the various cost processes and may provide necessary insight into the overall direction of project. A new project like this requires change and one of the most important issues which modern project managers face is the fact that change is not easily get accepted. In order to make this happen, it is very important that the same is being get accepted. This is also important because of the fact that implementation of the new system would certainly add up new processes which employees has to perform.

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Piaget and the Concrete-Operational Period Assignment

Piaget and the Concrete-Operational Period - Assignment Example The concrete operational stage, which is the element of focus, begins from seven and ends at around eleven years. It involves integration from preoperational stage and children in this stage are able to apply logical reasoning based on principles of conservation (Flavell, 1994). Beyond the concrete operational stage, a child is able o apply deductive techniques in reasoning and solving seemingly complex problems (Garcia & Nanez, 2011). The following is a play to elaborate the concept of a concrete operational period and involves four children (Adam, Isaac, Norah and Cynthia). Adam is six years eight months, Norah is seven years, Isaac is ten and Cynthia are 11 years. The mission of the play to investigate how the children were at different ages will determine or explain changes in the quantity of sugar poured in three different containers using one standard measuring container. An adult named James is going to guide the children through the play and ask questions as well as record observations. (James uses a cylindrical container of one kilogram, 10-centimetre diameter and 30 centimetres height to scoops a kilogram of sugar and pour into the three containers. The first container is cylindrical, 30 centimetres high and 40 centimetres diameter. The second container is cube and measures 20 centimetres length, 20 centimetres wide and 20 centimetres height. The container is also cylindrical in shape and measures 60 centimetres height and 5 centimetres diameter. Transfer of the sugar is such that all the contents of the scooping container fit into each of the three containers. James ensures that each child is attentive and observes the distribution process. James then asks each child to comment by showing container with most and least quantities, and explain their observations). Adam: The third container is taller than the rest and capable of holding more sugar.  In addition, the sugar has filled it near to the brim.     

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The Pros and Cons of Computers Essay Example for Free

The Pros and Cons of Computers Essay Boon: 1. The technology savvy children of today have accepted the computer as an integral part of their lives. 2. With the help of computers and internet, it is now much easier for children to access information of all sorts. 3. With the help of computers, education has become interesting. Children can now search any topic, for example science or social studies, under the sky with the help of search engines like Google and Yahoo. 4. Children learn new things faster and are up to date with the latest happenings around the globe. 5. E-learning is the latest trend these days. Various educational portals have come up. The purpose is to help children in their education. Bane: 1. Computer is a machine that makes everything on the Internet so easily accessible that it is difficult to keep children away from things they are not supposed to know at a certain age. 2. Children spend much time in playing games or social networking rather than their education and learning. 3. As everything is just one click away, children are becoming lazy and have lost the habit of manually referring to books or even dictionary. 4. They like to spend much time on the computer rather than playing outdoor games. They do social networking only on the Internet rather than going out and playing with friends. 5. The new disease on the computer or to say Internet is the ‘virtual world’. It is a computer-based simulated environment. A user takes an avatar and lives it virtually on the computer. It has its own negative effects, the user starts losing grip on the real world.

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North Carolinas Position on Vaccine Preventable Diseases

North Carolinas Position on Vaccine Preventable Diseases In Northern Carolina, it is very difficult to find diseases that are preventable through the use of a vaccine. This is because of an efficient vaccination program that normally targets its citizens at a younger age, as well as a constant monitoring of the emergence of diseases that are preventable through vaccination programs. It is the philosophy of the State of Northern Carolina to continuously vaccinate diseases that are also under control, for purposes of ensuring that they do not re-emerge. This includes diseases such as polio and measles (Department of Health, 2014). Furthermore, the health department of Northern Carolina would always seek to ensure that the vaccination record of a child is checked once the child under consideration enrolls in a school, or a child care facility. It is important to provide an explanation that a child is not allowed to enroll in a school, whether it is private, religious, or even public without the same child receiving all immunizations that are appropriate and useful for their age. This policy is aimed at reducing the chances of a child to acquire diseases that are preventable through vaccination, as well as reducing the chances of such a disease spreading to vulnerable children. It is the following ailments that the state of North Carolina actively vaccinates its citizens against, HPV, Hepatitis A, and B, Diphtheria, Anthrax, Influenza, Mumps, Rabies, Tetanus, Typhoid, etc (Department of Health, 2014). Furthermore, for purposes of turning this vaccination policy into a success, the Government of North Carolina has developed a vaccination schedule that all health care agencies must follow while vaccinating children under the ages of 18 years. This schedule contains the identification of the ages in which children are supposed to be given certain doses of the vaccine, and identifies the type of vaccine to be administered. These vaccination schedules do not only identify the vaccination programs of children, but they also identify the vaccination programs of adults. Cohort Study Data: In the medical field, a cohort study is always used to obtain evidence for purposes of disapproving the existence of an association between the causes and effects of a disease or medical condition. It is important to provide an explanation that by failing to disapprove an hypothesis, then chances are high people will start having confidence in it. It is important to understand that the cohort study can be a useful method in reporting on HPV, and tracking the disease. This is because scientists will identify a particular group of people, who are not infected with the HPV disease and thereafter conduct a study on the people who acquire the HPV disease (CDC, 2014). This would help in coming up with the characteristics and behaviors of these people, and hence develop a plan, based on their behaviors and characteristics on how to treat, as well as prevent the development and the spread of the HPV disease. It is important to provide an explanation that the results of the cohort study regarding the emergence of HPV are accurate, mainly because this study has been conducted over a long period of time, and data has been collected at regular intervals, reducing any chances of errors. A cohort study can also be used for purposes of analyzing the effects of HPV on the victims and the society, and thereafter provide a report on the best methods of minimizing the effects of these medical condition on the society. Take for instance; various findings from cohort studies indicate that stigma is one of the associated effects of HIV AIDS (CDC, 2014). On this basis, conducting a cohort study will enable policy makers to know the effects of HPV on the society, and hence come up with ways and means of solving the problem. It is important to understand that a cohort study will identify the environmental agents that play a role in accelerating the negative impact of HPV. Without this knowledge, it would be impossible for policy makers to come up with a solution on how to tackle the negative effect of HPV on an individual, as well as the society. Finally, researchers can use the Cohort study to calculate the exposure of risk in contaminating HPV that different groups have. This is because the cohort study will start by studying people who are not infected with HPV, after which it will study the people affected with the HPV, from the same group. This would help the researcher to come up with a report that calculates the absolute, relative, and attributable risks of people. Policy makers can thereafter use these calculations for purposes of developing a policy aimed at preventing the spread and emergence of HPV. Efficacy of Cardiovascular Diseases: Cardiovascular Diseases includes diseases such as stroke, heart attack, and other ailments of the circulatory system. In Northern Carolina, stroke and heart diseases contribute to the fourth and second largest killer diseases or ailments. In total, cardiovascular diseases were the largest killer diseases in Northern Carolina. This was as per the statistics of the year 2012. It is important to provide an understanding that the mortality rates in Northern Carolina are higher than the national average mortality rate. However, over the years, the differences between these rates have reduced, with North Carolina depicting a decrease of more than 50%. For instance, in the year 1979, the mortality rate of North Carolina due to cardiovascular diseases was 555 deaths, for every 100,000 people. This reduced to 242 deaths, for every 100,000 people. Furthermore, over the last ten years, the mortality rate due to cardio vascular diseases in North Carolina has remained equal with that of the average national government (Government of North Carolina, 2014). This is an indication that the strategies employed by North Carolina to prevent the spread, as well as the emergence of these diseases are taking shape. Despite these improvements, the rate of stroke in North Carolina is very high in the United States as a whole. North Carolina has the 10th largest mortality rate of stroke in the country. On this basis, there are efforts of reducing the emergence of stroke in the country, and this is through improving an access of gaining services in caring for the patients with stroke, as well as initiating preventive measures such as education forums that promote healthy living. Furthermore, to increase efficiency in further reducing the emergence of cardiovascular diseases, there is a need of following the following steps; Carrying out education clinics for purposes of educating the public on the need of healthy living, and using proper diets. Sponsoring research, for the main aim of developing new methods of fighting the disease as well as treatment methods. Partnering with the local communities, and all stakeholders of health, for purposes of coming with suitable measures of preventing the occurrence and spread of the disease. Improving the health sector, through building of more hospitals, training medical experts who specialize in this field, as well as improving an access to medical facilities in the state. Making it mandatory for people to be medically screened on a monthly basis. Steps to take when utilizing Cohort study design in following CVD: There are four important steps to take when utilizing a cohort study design in following the emergence of the disease; these steps include the following (Community Guide, 2014), Describing the situation: This involves providing a description on the intentions of the cohort study, the type of people used for purposes of the study. Furthermore, this step involves identifying the patterns, as well as the frequencies of the occurrence of the disease in terms of person, place and time of diagnoses. Examining the Determinants: This involves the search of the factors or causes that has been associated with an increase in the probability of the development of the disease. This involves asking questions such as what, who, where, and when. Furthermore, this also involves asking questions such as why, and how. Health Related problems. Identification of other health related problems that relate to the emergence of cardiovascular diseases. This is for purposes of developing an effective design that will be effective in serving its purpose. Population; Identifying the right population, who are not infected with the disease, for the purpose of conducting the cohort study. It is important to understand that a right population matter, in the sense that they would determine whether the study is successful or not. References: CDC. (2014, March 20). Genital HPV Infection Fact Sheet. Centers for Disease Control and  Prevention. Retrieved May 24, 2014, from Government of North Carolina. (n.d.). Chronic Disease and Injury Section. DPH:. Retrieved  May 24, 2014, from Department of Health. (n.d.). Vaccine Preventable Diseases. NC DPH, WCH: Immunization:  Family:. Retrieved May 24, 2014, from Community Guide. (n.d.). Cardiovascular Disease Prevention and Control: Team-Based Care to  Improve Blood Pressure Control. The Community Guide-Summary-Cardiovascular Disease: Team-Based Care to Improve Blood Pressure Control. Retrieved May 24, 2014,  from

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Dinosaurs And Birds Essay example -- Archeology Dinosaurs Birds Essays

Dinosaurs and Birds   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Are birds really dinosaurs or are they simply related? That is a question that has gained new life in recent years due to the overwhelming facts the are pouring in from newly found fossils and studies from fossils that have been found in the past. Two groups have formed in the study of this question: those who believe birds are a direct result of dinosaurs and those who feel dinosaurs and birds must have had a common ancestor. Determining which view is correct is a matter of opinion based on fact. The main problem involves the use of cladistics or phylogenetic systematics to group organisms according to characteristics they share. When one looks at dinosaur fossils, he or she may feel that certain characteristics are used for something entirely different than someone else who has looked at the same fossil.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  One cannot talk about dinosaur and bird lineage without mentioning Archaeopteryx. Most paleontologists agree that Archaeopteryx was the first bird. Archaeopteryx thus represents what paleontologists would call a â€Å"transitional form† between two major groups of animals, the reptiles (dinosaurs) and birds. The main difference between the theropods and Archaeopteryx were the long arms of the Archaeopteryx, adapted as wings, the feathers, and the presence of a wishbone that the theropods did not have. All of these features tie it to birds and its other characteristics tie it to theropods. One might say it was the â€Å"missing link† between the ...

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Expansion On The Recent Discoveries Concerning Nitric Oxide :: essays research papers

Expansion on the Recent Discoveries Concerning Nitric Oxide as presented by Dr. Jack R. Lancaster   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Nitric Oxide, or NO, its chemical representation, was until recently not considered to be of any benefit to the life processes of animals, much less human beings. However, studies have proven that this simple compound had an abundance of uses in the body, ranging from the nervous system to the reproductive system. Its many uses are still being explored, and it is hoped that it can play an active role in the cures for certain types of cancers and tumors that form in the brain and other parts of the body.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Nitric Oxide is not to be confused with nitrous oxide, the latter of which is commonly known as laughing gas. Nitric oxide has one more electron than the anesthetic. NO is not soluble in water. It is a clear gas. When NO is exposed to air, it mixes with oxygen, yielding nitrogen IV dioxide, a brown gas which is soluble in water. These are just a few of the chemical properties of nitric oxide. With the total life expectancy of nitric oxide being from six to ten seconds, it is not surprising that it has not been until recently that it was discovered in the body. The compound is quickly converted into nitrates and nitrites by oxygen and water. Yet even its short-lived life, it has found many functions within the body. Nitric oxide enables white blood cells to kill tumor cells and bacteria, and it allows neurotransmitters to dilate blood vessels. It also serves as a messenger for neurons, like a neurotransmitter. The compound is also accountable for penile erections. Further experiments may lead to its use in memory research and for the treatment of certain neurodegenerative disorders. One of the most exciting discoveries of nitric oxide involves its function in the brain. It was first discovered that nitric oxide played a role in the nervous system in 1982. Small amounts of it prove useful in the opening of calcium ion channels (with glutamate, an excitatory neurotransmitter) sending a strong excitatory impulse. However, in larger amounts, its effects are quite harmful. The channels are forced to fire more rapidly, which can kill the cells. This is the cause of most strokes. To find where nitric oxide is found in the brain, scientists used a purification method from a tissue sample of the brain. One scientist discovered that the synthesis of nitric oxide required the presence of calcium, which often acts by binding to a ubiquitous cofactor called calmodulin. A small amount of calmodulin is added to the enzyme preparations,

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Conflict Essay Paradise Road Essay

INTRO When people encounter conflict their true nature is often the force behind their actions. Conflicts can vary from personal to group and be fairly tedious and inconsequential or they can be life threatening situations. Individuals will display different reactions to this conflict depending on their true nature. Some embrace the conflict and it enables them to show their long held values and morals whereas others are put into a position where they must avoid showing there true self in order to survive. People reveal long held values and what really matters to them when they are under pressure. Our true motives are displayed when we encounter conflict. In the movie, paradise road Mrs Tippler has a highly negative response to conflict, she becomes critical and pessimistic. She grows increasingly  spiteful and resentful, making racial tensions worse and accusing the Dutch women of being dishonest. She accuses Adrienna of endangering lives with the vocal orchestra and becomes suspicious of everyone saying â€Å"What about that Jew doctor? What about that one making goo goo eyes at that Japanese guard all the time†. Ms tippler seemed like a reasonable person at the beginning of the movie but as tension and pressure was put upon her and the group her nastier values where exposed. Adrienne emerges as a natural leader in the prison camp. Her response to conflict is to maintain her dignity. Another character, Adrienne is placed in a compromising position when she’s asked if the orchestra will perform a Japanese folk-song for Colonel Hirota. She refuses, risking severe punishment. In a modern day example sporting great tiger woods was involved in many types of conflict with his partner at time and also with the media. His true ethics where shown as it was reveled that he had been a serial cheater and had told many lies, which inevitably was the reason for him being caught, if he had not engaged in any form of conflict though media speculation or of that with his wife who he really is would never have been exposed. In times of conflict people may even surprise themselves, and discover new characteristics they didn’t know they had. Under pressure a person’s true character is often revealed. Some people will remain composed under pressure and remain in control of the situation while others will lose control of their emotions and the situation very quickly. Recently a soldier called Trooper Finney was awarded the George Cross for rescuing an injured colleague following during the war in Iraq. He was driving a tank when they were attacked by warplanes, his colleagues ran away to shelter but he heard his fellow soldier – the tank gunner, screaming, but he couldn’t get to him properly in the tank. Finney pulled his gunner out and gave him first aid underneath the tank- returned to the burning vehicle to radio for help and kept the other soldier alive until assistance came. Trooper Finney was 19 and had been in the Army for less than a year. He would not have had many life threatening experiences and may not have known what he was capable of until under immense pressure in the middle of a deadly conflict. His real identity came out and his real character was revealed when he risked his life for someone else and stayed calm and cool under attack. Margaret  Drummond’s character in Paradise Road was also an unlikely hero, she was humble, sweet and a Christian missionary she probably didn’t realise she could survive such a torturous ordeal as the prison camp but she finds â€Å"The will to survive is strong, stronger than anything.† At times people need to behave in ways that are out of character in order to survive. This is not always an accurate representation of who they are. Stressed and deprived, some of the women in Paradise Road find themselves placed in a morally and politically compromised situation when confronted with the choice as to whether to remain at the Japanese ‘officers’ club’, providing sex in return for food and comfort, or to return to the camp. Inner conflict is also encountered by the women who are often pushed to breaking point by the cruelty of the Japanese soldiers, such as when they are forced to witness the injustice of Wing’s execution in silence. Normally in a situation where the women where not faced with the threat of death they might have stepped in but with conflicting interests of survival and that to help others stopped them from expressing their desired actions. In our political environment the sense of conflict can be strong, especially near elect ion time. Many politicians have to tow the party line and state that they are opposed to things like gay marriage or abortion, because that is what their political party policy is. They need to do this in order to survive politically in their elected positions. They often turn out not to be personally opposed to those things, but the pressure of conflicting parties vying for peoples votes forces them to act in a role which may be out of character. Kevin Rudd is now saying he is not personally against gay marriage, even though he headed a government who opposed to it. In some circumstances morals and values are compromised in order to survive in the given environment, thus their actions and perceived values may not be a true representation of who they really are. CONCLUSION Conflicting interests in the eyes of the individual is often the reason behind how and why they act in certain ways. In situations of conflict some welcome the situation and show their true self while others act out of fear and desperation either inadvertently revealing themselves or deliberately  choosing survival over being themselves.

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Essay

Charlie is a poor boy who lives with his parents and grandparents on both sides. There was a famous gigantic chocolate factory, ran by a man named Willy Wonka. The factory had closed its’ gate for more than fifteen years, no one had ever got in and the workers had never came out. But children loved their chocolates. Once, Wonka held an activity for children who like his chocolate around the world. Five golden tickets were hidden in five of the chocolate bars and whoever got the ticket gets to visit the factory. Charlie was lucky enough to get a golden ticket. The other four lucky children all have characteristics of their own. Augustus is greedy about food, Veruca is spoiled, Violet is boastful, and Mike is over addicted to video games. Their tour in the chocolate factory started out. For the other children wouldn’t listen to Wonka’s words and couldn’t go against the temptations, they each had a bad ending. Augustus fell into the chocolate river, Violet turned into a blue berry, Veruca fell into the garbage hole, and Mike was stretched into a thin shape. The only child left who was not attracted by any temptation was Charlie, who Wonka wanted to pass the factory to. But for Wonka refused to let Charlie bring his family into the factory, he rejected. At last, Charlie helped Wonka reunited his father, who was a dentist and once disagreed Wonka to have any kind of sweets. Charlie agreed to take over the factory and move his whole family into the facility. One very important thing in this movie is family. Charlie wanted to sell the golden ticket and earn some money for his family at first, but then his family supported him to go take a look. Even though the family’s economy was challenged, but all they want was to give Charlie the best. After the tour in the chocolate factory, Wonka decided to pass on his career to Charlie. Charlie refused Wonka for he can not live with his family and this decision helped Wonka found the feeling of love in a family again. Wonka’s father was a dentist, so he never lets little Wonka have any sweets. Wonka was unhappy about that so he decided to run away from home and open a factory with all kinds of candies in it. After he met Charlie and his family, Wonka found back the feeling of family again and Charlie helped him reunited his father. Wonka finally understood, â€Å"Family† is the most precious treasure that nothing would be able to take over its place. In this movie, Charlie’s father worked as a person who just twists the cap of tooth pastes on. He was once fired because new machines were invented to take over him. We can see that the job at that time was just doing one thing over and over again. I’ve found something that shows this phenomenon too. In the factory, Veruca wanted one of the squirrels that worked there. If you look carefully, you can see that all the squirrels look the same, so did all the elves. I think it is trying to tell the readers something. One last thing I want to say about this film is that it showed a serious problem about manners. All five children except Charlie wasn’t taught well by their family and it is actually a very important issue. In the movie, Augustus, Veruca, Violet, and Mike all have bad attitude and terrible habits. Veruca wants everything and Violet always tries to get first place on any events. It refers to the society in modern days; a lot of teenagers do not know what manner and politeness is. Kids became ruder and have no respect to the elders. A lot of children are way to spoiled which make them having a hard time on making friends. Helicopter parents are often seen these days. All these appeared to be nothing but they are actually serious. To be taught unwell can bring kids to bad ending just like the ones that happened to the four kids in the movie. After watching this movie, I’ve found a lot and think a lot. There are many questions that worth us thinking. After all, it is a great movie.

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Apush Notes: Great Depression

A. The Great Depression was caused by an economic system out of balance. There was too much supply with little demand. This situation was created by monopoly pricing, unsound banking practices, overproduction, high tariffs, and tightening of money supply by Federal Reserve Board. B. A slump in economic activity with over speculation in stock and buying stocks on margin caused the stock market to crash in October 1929. The stock market crash marked the beginning of Great Depression. C.The Depression was characterized by high unemployment, foreclosures on homes, farms and businesses, closing of banks, and the drying up of credit, low purchasing power, and hunger. Many people grew concern that capitalism had failed and democracy couldn’t provide solutions to problems. D. President Hoover, a strong advocate of â€Å"rugged individualism† believed in minimal government interference to deal with Depression. He based his policy upon supplying optimism, expanding works, and loa ning money and struggling banks.E. In 1932 summer, 20000 impoverished veterans from the First World War marched on Washington demanding early payment of a financial bonus that was due in 1945. After the bonus failed in Congress, President Hoover ordered the US army to evacuate the marching veterans from DC. The army, led by Douglas MacArthur, drove the veterans out. The armies’ handling the Bonus March ended Hoover’s chance for reelection and fostered a growing fear of revolution in America. F.President Hoover and his Republicans were blamed for Depression in election of 1932. Franklin Roosevelt was elected president, promising to save capitalism, help common man, and to provide work. Roosevelt was vague on his plans, except he would try anything. G. FDR’s plan to get nation out of Depression was called the New Deal. New Deal had policies of relief for the poor, recovery from Depression, and reform of the economic system. The first New Deal as passed during the first 100 days of his presidency.The left wing of politics liked the idea and passed the idea through Congress. Economy fell back into recession. Black Tuesday The day the stock market crashed. No buyers. Rugged individualism Social outlook promoting one’s goals and desires of independence. Hooverville This name was based on Hoover’s blame for depression. Families lost their homes because they couldn’t pay mortgages. Hawley-Smoot Tariff, 1930 Tax increase by Republican congress.Purpose was to satisfy US business leaders who a higher tariff would protect their markets from foreign competition. In retaliation, European countries made higher tariffs against US goods which reduced trade. Reconstruction Finance Corporation To prop up faltering railroads, banks, life insurance companies, and other financial institutions. Emergency loans would stabilize these businesses. The benefits would go down to smaller businesses and bring recovery. Democrats scoffed at this meas ure, saying it would only help the rich.

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Job Description Essay

In today’s job market there are a lot of demands from employers. The business environment is constantly changing. Your knowledge, skills and abilities have to be able to meet the demands of the job market. Showcasing yourself and the familiarity and the experience with the procedure detail of the job is very important The Job Analysis. Goes hand in hand with a job description. A job description identifies characteristics of the job to be performed in terms of the tasks, duties and responsibilities to be fulfilled. (Youssef, 2010). It is basically a â€Å"snapshot† of a job. The job description needs to communicate clearly and concisely the responsibilities and tasks. (Lindenberger,2011) There are a lot of people competing for the same job. Ultimately who gets hired depends on the most qualified applicant. I would use a job description to make sure I get the most qualified person for the job. The person job fit has to be right has to definitely be compatible. Your skill highlights and the ability to successfully perform the job is a key factor. I would use a competency-based analysis. The potential employee definitely has to be competent enough to perform the qualities and requirements needed to effectively carry out a job like mines. My job description was to me very detailed. It was somewhat intimidating at first but once I got hired, I understood why. I am currently working as Assistant payment worker for the State of Michigan. The tasks and responsibilities is what my job duty requires of me from day to day. Which was very much detailed. It is assisting clients with getting the help they may need and providing resources for them. I assist client’s help with Food, Shelter and medical resources. I often go above and beyond what my tasks and responsibilities that are required of me, because of my human character I often feel sorry to see what people have to go through in this world. Sometimes in the job description you will see what the responsibilities include but are not limited too. So I would want someone dedicated to what there job is, but also a team player and don’t mind going the extra mile. In the end it’s all about customer service. The tools and technology used are also a key factor. Most jobs often require training once hired. But you at least need the basic skills of using computer software. Educational requirements would also be very important on a job analysis. A degree is preferred most of the time when applying for any job in the business field. If not a degree it is important to me, to at lease have a certain amount of college credits. Which is what needed to obtain my job. In order to gain some valuable information about candidates, there are different selection methods that should be used. Selection methods can narrow down potential candidates. (Youseef,2010) The approach and selection method I would use is testing, I think is a good method to use, especially when there are so many applicants applying for the same position. Testing will help to eliminate clients that are not qualified for the job. Testing will reveal how much knowledge a person has with general competency and knowledge needed for the job. The scores will tell it all. The Interview method is also another good method I would consider. Almost any job you apply for, you will have to have an interview, weather its in person or over the telephone. I have to interview clients everyday at my current job, to see if the fit the qualifications of receiving assistance. Being able to look at a person, and have direct interaction is important. When questions are being asked it will sometimes portray how honest a person is. You can tell by the body language or sometimes how directly a person answers a question if they are being truthful or not. It will show confidence. However there are different types of interviews. The one I would use is a panel discussion interview, which is having several interviewers asking questions. That can sometimes make a person really nervous. I know I was, but again if you have the skills and knowledge to prove it, then it shouldn’t be a problem A job description is just what it says, it describes the job. As a competitive employee, make sure you fit that description the best you can.

History of Radio in New Zealand Essay

Radio started in 1921 when a man named Robert Jake, from Otago University made the very first broadcast in New Zealand. Robert first broadcasted from Dunedin to Christchurch, but within 10 years of the first broadcast it went from a novelty item to an every day event. He even broadcasted the arrival of Jean Batten in New Zealand after her solo flight over the Atlantic Ocean. In the 1930’s a Reverent Colin Scriminger, began to broadcast on the wireless. This man also questioned government policies on air and this scared the politicians a bit. Professor James Shelley was the Director of Broadcasting for this period of time and as he came from a high cultured background, he wanted the radio to broadcast high cultured thing such as ‘worthy talks on worthy subjects’. The year of 1936 saw a woman radio announcer take the microphone. Aunt Daisy was her name and she had a morning time slot from 9 – 10am. This was the time that the ‘housewives’ were at home and listening to the radio, so Aunt Daisy would give house hold tips about, cooking, cleaning and the general running of the woman’s side of the household. Aunt Daisy did this show for 27 years. When the government elections of 1945 came along, the government jammed Scriminger’s radio station -1 ZB -. The government took this action because of worries over what Scriminger was going to say about politicians or the government. During the 1940’s the BBC started broadcasting on New Zealand radio. Up until now the only news bulletins that had been allowed, to be aired were the ones that were OKed by the Prime Minister, Michael Joseph Savage. The BBC told every detail of news and to the people of New Zealand it was frightening to hear all the casualties of the war that was going on. The 1950’s and 60’s, the radio was used by the government to broadcast national propaganda. It was also the start of the Rock ‘N’ Roll era and it was nothing like any of the music before this time. The music produced at this time had a lot to do with the war that was going on in Vietnam as well. The television was bought out in 1960 and brought with it a stand-alone news service which radio could also use for news broadcasting. Radio piracy started in the late 1960’s by a station called radio Hauraki. They did pirated broadcasts because they did not want to obey the radio broadcasting rules that were in place, at this time in history. The morning report on National Radio started in 1975, and this was to take place instead of having a national newspaper for New Zealand. Over the years radio has had many more advantages such as being able to report things faster than television when they happen and recording live while out reporting. Talkback has also changed radio by letting people have their say and not just listening to the announcers opinions on certain topics. With radio you don’t have to sit in one place for a whole hour while you listen to the news but can move freely and visualise it for yourself while the announcer tells you what is going on in the country/world. I think this is the main reason why radio has survived over 80 years in New Zealand, and will continue to change and develop over another 80 years.

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Literature-Shakespeare Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Literature-Shakespeare - Essay Example A woman who had declined to marry, almost certainly because she would lessen her own status and ability to rule by doing so, although her father’s various mishaps will also have had their influence. At the time most women were in a very restricted place in society, either under the control of their father’s or husbands, and unable to make decisions for themselves In many production of the play the parts of the queen of Athens and that of Titania are played by the same person – does Shakespeare therefore show them as reflecting different parts of the same character? .It should be remembered that it was not until the time of Charles II that women appeared legally on the English stage, so that these parts would have been played originally by young boys. The Plot This is a complex one involving 4 couples , Theseus , Duke of Athens and his bride to be , Hippolyta: Oberon and Titania the fairy king and queen: and two pairs of young people - Hermia and Lysander: Helena and Demetrius. After many tricks and turns, including of course the play within a play, love conquers all. At the beginning Theseus dominates his bride to be, reminding her of how he had wooed her, the queen of the Amazons, :- woo'd thee [Hippolyta] with my sword, And won thy love doing thee injuries; But I will wed thee in another key, With pomp, with triumph, and with revelling. (I.i.16-19) Hippolyta is therefore portrayed a conquered former enemy and apparently compliant. Is that how Shakespeare sees royal spouses or merely how he portrays them? He was born after the death of Henry VIII and Mary Tudor had died in his infancy so he had no personal experience to go on. . Hippolyta’s response is minimal, especially as they are interrupted by the entry of others. . He has conquered her by his physical strength. How much choice did she have in the matter? Would the audience understand erotic references in ‘sword’ and ‘injuries’ at a time when chastity in a bride was so prized? She merely discusses the short time left until the wedding. The rulers have had their quarrel and settled it as mature adults before the play begins. They have resolved their own differences. For the others though the action is all ahead of them and they do not have as much control over their own affairs as the rulers enjoy. Hippolyta does not appear again until near the end of the play ( Act iv) when she enters with her husband and Egeus. Theseus comes over as being very much in charge, giving orders to others. To Hippolyta, although he still tells her what is going to happen, he does address her as ‘Fair queen’. Her response is merely to reminisce. In Act v she disagrees with her husband - he thinks the lovers stories are mere fables, but she accepts them as being true witnesses ‘ More witnesses than fancy’s images. However this isn’t an argument really. By the end of the play Hippolyta seems merely world weary. She wants the rustic’s play to be over - Act V , scene 1, ‘I am a weary of this moon, would he but change’ and ‘I hope she will be brief.’ She criticizes ‘ His speech was like a tangled chain’ ‘ It is after all her wedding night. There are more important things to come than watching a silly and badly done play about thwarted lovers. Hermia The play is very much of its time . Rulers, if not Elizabeth I, did marry for political reasons. For others there was not much more choice. The idea of young people marrying because they were passionately in love was still an alien

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2 films Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

2 films - Essay Example Dadier but the two gradually get to respect each other. View of Teaching: Richard Dadiers view of education is rather idealistic to start with and out of touch with the schools realities but this turns as he gets to interact with his new reality more and more through out the movie. The principle has a rather hard time admitting the schools disciplinary issues. He struggles to assert his authority on the unruly students and since he has a disciplined approach to running the school though its ineffective at best. View of Students: Despite the principles attempts to instill discipline, the students end up more unruly and undisciplined. The students actually develop gangs and are led by leaders that hate the principal. The students are seen by Mr. Dadier as being able to change and be more disciplined thus harboring potential to perform well in school. However the new teacher Joshua Edwards is so Naà ¯ve in his impression of the students that they end up picking on him and destroying his music records. The decisions made by the principal are for the good running of the school and for the students some are just there to pass the time till they can attain legal age to go do their own things away from school without the risk of being taken to reform school. For his first teaching job and faces a multitude of problems in his new role. He does his Job well and plays his role well throughout the movie interacting with both the teachers and students adequately to achieve his goals and principles. Gregory Miller: he is the rather intelligent and slightly less bitter student class leader as compared to Artie West. Initially he also has a dislike for Mr. Dadier which diminishes with time as respect for each other grows gradually all through the film. He initially tried hard to maximize his benefits from his education but soon realizes no one cares. This makes

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Another Gender Issue that Needs an Immediate Solution. Women groping Essay

Another Gender Issue that Needs an Immediate Solution. Women groping - Essay Example In Sharon Moshavi’s essay titled, â€Å"Groped,† the author recounts her experience when a man who looked decent groped her on the street. Unlike some Japanese women who would stay mum about the issue, Moshavi beat the man as much as she liked. The issue of groping implies gender issues which ultimately challenge authorities to do their share in resolving the problem. Moshavi’s account of the groping experience can be considered an unusual act in Japan. Beating the man who violated her may be heroic to some, and very few women in Japan can do the same thing. Being subject to groping when walking on the streets alone is a gender issue that can be traced in the history and culture of a particular country. Specifically, Moshavi confesses that â€Å"in Japan, I don’t have much opportunity to get angry. People just don’t do it. Yelling and anger are considered immature† (in Rutledge 17). By not expressing anger, women could be misinterpreted by me n. Men do not feel afraid to grope women, thinking that the latter will stay calm about it. On the one hand, the culture of the people can be a significant factor to the problem. Being afraid of the groper is an act that could tolerate the offender because he will not think of the circumstance that would eventually happen. Moreover, as Moshavi mentions, â€Å"I’ve been pawed and pinched from India to Indonesia† (in Rutledge 16) It should be noted that the countries she mentions, including Japan are all located in Asia. This implies a possibility that the incidence of groping could be related to the Asian culture because expressing anger and being furious is not common among Asians, whereas in the US expressing anger is a part of daily life. Addressing the groping problem in Japan, authorities claim that having commuter trains for women is not the solution to the problem. In Paul Jackson’s article which appeared in The Daily Yomiuri Tokyo, an authority claims tha t â€Å"the communication gap between the sexes† (Jackson, â€Å"Women Only: Are train carriages for females an effective solution or effective PR?†) may be part of the frivolous behavior of Japanese men. Japanese men may see their anonymity in commuter trains as an opportunity to get free from the rigid, traditional roles they play in society. Considering this, the problem really points to a cultural issue. Ultimately, the current issue reflects a more serious gender problem for Asian women than for American or other women in the West. Nevertheless, one needs to establish the statistics to prove this point. On the other hand, the problem of groping may not just be a cultural issue. It may imply the current situation of women in media, school, and society in general. Jackson quotes Sanae Tanaka, a lawyer, saying that the increase in the violence against women may be due to the commonality of the issue in social places such as commuter trains. â€Å"It has become far m ore normal to hear people talking about sex and sexual harassment† (Jackson, â€Å"Women Only: Are train carriages for females an effective solution or effective PR?†). People, particularly those in Japan, are getting used to discussing about sex in public places. Likewise, there are men who bring pornographic materials in trains. This observation is not limited to Japan. In fact, many magazines from the West may be considered as pornographic materials easily available worldwide in supermarkets and coffee shops. With this consideration, the problem of groping may be considered a global gender problem. It makes one wonder how come women in magazines are recruited to pose in sexy pictorials if they

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Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography - Essay Example Nevertheless, he tried as much as possible to stick to his initial outline. Franklin spent about 12 years compiling his work and this had an effect on his overall autobiography. This essay will therefore analyze factors in Franklin’s autobiography that makes his work unified. The essay will also, analyze the effect of time in development of the autobiography particularly to its effectiveness and themes development. The most interesting aspect of the autobiography is that it describes Franklin’s development process. Precisely, the autobiography starts with an unprofessional Franklin and ends with a political leader. The book therefore gives a systematic description of franklin’s development. For instance, he stood out among other boys of his age. He claimed, â€Å"I was commonly allowed to govern, especially in any case of difficulty; and upon other occasions I was generally a leader among the boys and sometimes led them into scrapes† (Welliot, 1909, p. 9). Franklin begins by identifying temperance, order resolution, sincerity, industry, and tranquility as some of the important qualities that he needed to develop. This infers that he had long-term goals and plans to achieve. By coming up with the stated factors, Franklin aimed at identifying his weaknesses and those of the entire American society. Franklin also proved that the American dream is achievable through his devised systematic development process. The identification process took place in his early twenties. This infers that the objectives outlined at the beginning of the autobiography could have been lifelong achievements. Although Franklin did not develop an explicit period for his objectives, his book gives a systematic approach to his initial problems. This proves that the book had a relatively high degree of organization despite the long time he took to write it. The systematic development of the author as shown in the book proves the book to be a highly unified book. Fra nklin’s autobiography therefore begins by presenting a problem and ends with a systematic solution to the problem. The systematic development of a solution proves without a doubt that Franklin’s book is a highly unified book. Although Franklin wrote his book in parts, the autobiography has a unified structure, which combined the four basic parts into a whole manuscript. This aspect proves that its author had a plan that enabled him develop the book. The book describes Franklin through his development in a systematic format. He continually gave an encounter of his commitment to development throughout the biography. For instance while he was living in London, he claimed, â€Å"most part of the time I worked hard at my business, and spent but little upon myself except in seeing plays and in books† (Welliot, 1909, p. 47). He tried to maintain his focus on a unified biography but at times, it was not possible due to the realities of life. Therefore, some of the disco ntinuities correspond with realities in the author’s life. In fact, presenting the realities of the author’s life contributes to the development of the major theme of development in the biography. Theme development is the second factor that proves the organization standards or the unification level in the book. Acquisition of wealth, moral excellence, and improvement of communication skills are the central themes of the book. To realize a full development of these themes, the autobiograp

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PESTEL Analysis of Alibaba Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

PESTEL Analysis of Alibaba - Assignment Example The researcher states that a number of political factors and legal issues that come up due to the government regulations affect Alibaba. In China, the political force is the most turbulent force in the electronic commerce industry in which Alibaba is a player. For instance, the ministry of information industry has guidelines on the standards of operation in e-commerce. In fact, the Chinese government has laid a lot of emphasis on the development of the e-commerce. By so doing, the ministry of information industry has an obligation of coming up with summaries on the development of technology as time goes by. For instance, it has to provide a summary of both the middle and long-term goals on the development of information technology plan. Thus, this is a major booster in the development of Alibaba since it already has the support of the government and by the fact that it is the largest company in e-commerce in China. There is no clear legal legislation on the e-commerce industry in the Chinese government. This is because the Chinese government has not dealt with the issues for long. There minimal experience in coming up with legislation like transactional security, tax and intellectual protection of business rights in the Chines government. Much worse is the fact that there are no laws written on consumer rights, privacy, and recognition of digital signatures and validation of online contracts. This is one of the major threats to the growth of Alibaba as a company. Development in a countries economy has a great impact on the operation of a particular business. For instance, fiscal and monetary policies, of employment, GDP per head, rate of inflation and the banking policies. In China, there has been a prolonged rapid growth of its economy, at the same time, there is a continued improvement on the country’s GDP per head. This is one of the major advantages of the company Alibaba since it leads to increased shopping rates by the residents. Alibaba is affecte d by the global economy because it has now spread its wings further to serve most developed and developing countries.

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Mining water management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Mining water management - Essay Example It is also designed for safety after the mine is no longer in used and is rehabilitated back to nature, or to its previous condition (Mining Fact, 2014; Mining Facts, 2014a). Mine Water refers to the surface or groundwater that occurs in its natural state. Best practices in managing surface water resources are: Diverting natural water sources away from the mining site and its process lines; Using diversion channels above ground that provide a constant flow of natural water to inhabitants in the region; Isolating mining water discharges to controlled areas for monitoring, cleaning, and recycling again in some mining processes; Ensuring that mining process water lines will not leach into the soil and make its way back into natural water resources. The last consideration is one of the most important parts of closing down a mine, in that contaminants of any sort, will not absorb into soils and eventually integrate with naturally running underground aquifers (Watson & Furey, 2013). Watson, A., & Furey, R. (2013). Water Management: Life of Mine and Beyond. Mining Magazine Online. [December 2013]. Retrieved from

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The effect of advertising on alcohol consumption by young people Essay

The effect of advertising on alcohol consumption by young people - Essay Example This essay "The effect of advertising on alcohol consumption by young people" outlines the impact of the alcohol advertisement on the extent of alcohol consumption by young people. Ringold (2008, 139) states that her research study revealed moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages as the norm in the United States. This is similar to the results of the Gallup polls (2004) which have indicated the same outcome since 1939. The recommendations given by the United States Dietary Guidelines on moderate drinking was consistent with the consumption found in 90% of people who consume alcohol. This is supported by Saad (2005), who states that underage drinking and alcohol abuse have considerably reduced in the last three decades. The per capita consumption of alcohol has continued to decline over the past twenty-five years, states NIAAA (2006). The results of the study by Ringold (2008, 139) reveal that alcoholic beverage advertising does not exert a material influence on total consumption or abuse. On the other hand, it models normative drinking behaviour, hence may be a crucial inhibitor of alchohol misuse. Responsibility efforts sponsored by industry, by government and by nonprofits lead to desired changes, modeling desired drinking behaviours, and may be more beneficial for heavier drinkers. The research study is timely, because of the continued trend of increased expenditure on advertising, undertaken by alcohol manufacturers. This is supported by several studies conducted by governmental agencies.

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Badly behaved pupils and parents put teachers off Essay Example for Free

Badly behaved pupils and parents put teachers off Essay Suggestions have been raised over the child benefits in United States. For example, Iain Duncan Smith’s suggested that child-related benefits should be limited to two offspring in a family. The fight against the child benefits aren’t justified as they are ill treated. The move should be encouraged as it has helped a good number of the families in the country, in addition limiting the benefit to only a handful (two) children in a family, it doesn’t really play the intended role in the society. Contrary to this, the government should be encouraged to continue with the child benefits program as it has been a gain to a big number of families. Despite the need to have family planning aspects among the people to control the number of children at each family, the child benefit from the government should still remain (Liz, 2014). Child benefit or better still child allowance is a social security payment distributed to parents, children or guardians which highly dependent on the number of children in a family. the child benefit has been effective in helping to support children from less advantaged families which has enables them access essential human needs such a education, food and such. The anti- child benefit campaigns should be shunned as the move is more beneficial to a good number of people and children in the society. Scrubbing the project would land more families especially the poor ones which cannot afford human basic wants. In other words it is the cash expenditure to families with kids not considering their parents income. The advantage amount may vary by the ordinal arrangement of the child, the age of the child, and/or the employment status of the parent. In addition to being of great benefit to the families and children, the benefit helps with extra cost to the families on the extra cost of children. The benefit also includes benefits for women who are pregnant or who have just given birth. The benefits are also helpful to partners whose partners have given birth, people who adopt, tax credits among other benefits. The benefit is essential when one has a responsibility for a child or a young person. In addition to child benefit, there is also the child tax credit. The benefit is also intertwined with the guardians allowances as well as both are meant to help children below the age of 18. The redeployment of income from childless households to families with children, in appreciation of the heavier financial weight incurred by child-rearing (Liz, 2014). Moreover, in order to enjoy the benefits of the child benefit, the benefiting families aren’t required to contribute any national insurance contribution and this in turn comes as gain to the poor families. In addition, the benefit isn’t offered to children who might be under the custody or in prison. In case of child death that was on the child benefit plan, the benefits continue to be given to the family for the next eight weeks. However, despite the benefit behind the child benefit payment, families should be encouraged to practice family planning in order to be able to raise the number of children whom they can comfortably support. The move is however, beneficial in case of calamities such as misfortunes and unemployment’s incase of the parents (Liz, 2014). The child benefit has been beneficial and should be maintained in order to keep boosting the upbringing of the children especially in the financially unstable family. In addition, when the parents loose their jobs they still have the chance to provide for their children, such as food and education. The benefit for the program is numerous and they outweigh the downside of the program. This program is one of the government programs for the grants to the people which have gone miles in assisting less fortunate families financially. A good number countries offer higher benefits levels or supplements for children with disabilities. Family allowances and child benefits are viewed as an instrument that can foster societal cohesion and progress and in turn should be maintained. The benefits also help in strengthening labor force attachments in the country and hence shouldn’t be abolished. Last and not the least, the benefit helps in supplementing the incomes of poor and modest income families with children as a means of reducing or preventing poverty. In conclusion, it’s clear that, the child benefit program is more beneficial to community, and in turn should be maintained. This means the anti-child benefit campaigns should be shunned as the program is of great help to the people. Article (II) Student Behaviour One of the driving forces behind the motivation of teachers in the school is the student behaviours. Badly behaved students are subject to putting off their teachers from the teaching profession. Teachers and school staff understands the changes encountered by students in school and provides them with relevant information and support needed. However, the dedication of the teachers and the staff depends much on the student behaviour and in most cases good behaved students encourages their teachers into the teaching profession. Contrary to this, badly behaved students and teachers are a discouraging factor to the teachers as they put them off from the teaching profession. It is ‘however’ true the student behaviour plays an important role in motivating and maintaining teachers into the profession. The survey is a true reflection of the teachers experience and the parent’s negligence in moulding their children’s behaviour (Jessica, 2014). ‘Badly behaved pupils and parents put teachers off’ was a survey conducted by Guardian Teacher Networks which shows that a good number of teachers have once in awhile considered quitting the profession. Student and parent’s behaviour are essential towards the teacher’s performance in schools. A good number of schools have issues in reference to student behaviours in recent years, which have become a vital problem in modern society. One of factors behind poor student behaviours is collapse of family functions such as divorced family, single parenthood, and children becomes isolated. This in turn leads to bad behaviour among parents and/or students, which de-motivates the teachers. According to the survey, it is clear that, the student or the pupil’s behaviours directly influence the performance of the teachers. Bad behaviour among parents and pupils would negatively influence the teachers and in turn them off from the work. Students who develop behavioural problems from their families are a discouraging aspect to the teachers. It is believed that, pupils/learns important skills and knowledge such as morals and wisdom, which are normally learned from their parents. The survey shows that, the student behaviour is one of the driving factors behind motivated and dedicated teachers (Jessica, 2014). One of the effects of bad student behaviour is that it interferes with individual and other learner’s behaviour. This turns to a challenge for the teacher, as the behaviour challenges day to day running and functioning of schools. In addition, the parents are not helping as much as they would in eradicating negative student and pupils behaviours, hence burdening the work of the teachers purporting them to consider leaving their jobs. Nowadays, the parents have become overprotective to their children. This has not helped at all in taming negative children behaviours and in turn, the burden is left to the teacher to mould the children’s behaviour. For example, an overprotected child expects special treatment at school is in for a frustrating time, which in turn may frustrate the teacher too. The frustration may overwhelm the teacher to a point of making the job dissertation choice. In addition, parents have developed negative expectations for their children which in turn instill negative or unruly behavior in children. From the survey conducted, it’s clearly evident that, If unruly behavior is not policed with proper boundaries and a culture of respect for authority at home, teachers cannot effectively implement discipline in the classroom. In addition to negative learner’s behavior, the interference from the government demands of the teacher. 50 % of the interviewed teachers named poor pupil behavior as the main reason behind them leaving the teaching job. The unwanted student behavior influences teachers attitude towards the teaching profession, and if the unruly behavior continues, it may force the teachers to quit the teaching job. Attitude provides a frame for reference for an individual’s conduct and conditions behavior. The creation of unfavorable attitude to the teacher, elicits a reaction of avoidance or aggression towards the job or the learners (Jessica, 2014). In conclusion, it’s clear that, student and parents behavior towards the teachers as well as in the school plays a vital role in molding the teachers. The study reveals that, teacher’s motivation into teaching profession is highly dependent on the children or the learner’s behaviors. The parents are making the scenario worse by failing to support the teachers in the in order to change the learner’s negative behavior into acceptable ones. These demands and the stress accompanying the works force the teacher to quit. The survey, however suggests that since its is disruptive children whose behavior is unchecked who miss out the most on their education. Thats why we want to make sure that teachers have more freedom to clamp down on persistently bad behavior without being hampered by bureaucracy, so that teaching time is not lost because of poor behavior, and in turn prevent a stressing profession to the teachers. This would go miles in improving both the teach ers and students performance in the school. References Liz Jones. You dont pay for my cats so why should I pay for your kids? Retrieved from: On Tuesday 1 April 2014. Jessica Shepherd, ‘Badly behaved pupils and parents put teachers off’ ’ badly behaved pupils and parents put teachers off: retrieved from On Tuesday 1 April 1, 2014. Source document

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Connecting And Comparing Literature English Literature Essay

Connecting And Comparing Literature English Literature Essay For the final essay, two short stories and one poem will be used to illustrate comparisons by looking at the characters as their respective authors describe them, and how this is used to draw readers into their stories and poems. The two stories being used are, A Rose For Emily, by William Faulkner, and The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky, by Stephen Crane. The poem being used is, The Road Not Taken, by Robert Frost. Conflict and prejudice will be highlighted as the common thread among the three works. Comparison will come from using the characters in the stories and poem, and how the authors use descriptive writing to draw their readers into the stories and poem. In A Rose For Emily, the description of Miss Emilys house by William Faulkner is a big square frame house that had once been white (DiYanni, 2007), and how Miss Emily looked as she walked in to the meeting with the Board of Aldermen, a small, fat woman in black, with a thin gold chain descending to her waist and vanishing into her belt, leaning on an ebony cane with a tarnished gold head (DiYanni, 2007). The end of the story finds William Faulkner giving great detail about the body of Miss Emilys suitor Homer Barron and the room decked and furnished for a bridal night, and how the body of Homer was described as fleshless and once laid as if it were in an embrace, how he had rotted beneath his nightshirt (DiYanni, 2007). The vivid description allows one to get a clear view of the room and the decomposed body of Homer. When he writes about the indention on the pillow as if someone had laid their head there and then they find the strands of grey or silver hair, one can visualize Miss Em ily lying next to Homer in a macabre way. The style of writing William Faulkner uses in this story, allows him to navigate among many points of view within the story. William Faulkners use of third person allows for flashbacks and the ability to dig deeper into the history of the town. By also using symbolic language such as referring to Emily as Miss Emily (DiYanni, 2007), William Faulkner is able to send the reader back in time when the story actually takes place. This allows the reader to get a better understanding of the larger issues that were at play in the South around the turn of the century. The language used in The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost is quite moving. Robert Frost speaks of approaching a fork in the road. He must choose which road to proceed down. He chooses the one that appears less traveled only to find that it is traveled about the same as the other road. Robert Frosts subtle use of description when he refers to the two roads being about the same, lets one know that they may be close, but not exact. Many of the roads chosen in life look very similar at the entrance but change quite often as they are traveled. His use of the word sigh and difference in the fourth stanza can mean either positive or negative feelings, but since the author mentions that nothing will be known until the future, we do not know which effect these words mean. Robert Frost speaks of possibly coming back to travel the first road at a later date but doubts this as life is too short. Robert Frost infers that he will report back on his travels down the second road at some point in the f uture. The character in this poem must choose a road to take without knowing where it may lead. In A Rose For Emily, Miss Emily had to make a choice as well. Her choice was to poison Homer to keep him from leaving. Another part of the poem that connects to Miss Emily is where her decisions would lead. This could be what Miss Emily was thinking when poisoning Homer. Emily may have thought briefly as to what the town would say about her actions. Perhaps this is why she kept him upstairs in the bedroom so she had him with her at all times even though he was not a living breathing being he was still with her. As long as she kept him hidden in the house, and made it look as though he would marry her, the townspeople would be satisfied. Many questions arise with the story as to why Miss Emily would do this. Perhaps Miss Emily thought she would not die alone. Even though she could not talk to Homer he would be there with her when she died. The poem also relates to The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky. Jack had choices to make in The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky that included whether to leave town and get married, tell the townspeople before he left, tell them before he returned, and whether or not to return to Yellow Sky after the fact. I think the part of the poem where he states, I took the one less traveled (DiYanni, 2007), could describe the choices of Jack and his bride as they boarded the train. How Jack went to San Antonio and married a girl he thought he loved without letting the townspeople of Yellow Sky know what he was doing could be compared to the line in the poem, I shall be telling this with a sigh, somewhere ages and ages hence (DiYanni, 2007). Jacks escape route from the train station in Yellow Sky would involve the choice of two roads. The first would have been to get off the train and face the town. The one Jack chose was the second road or choice which was to plan his escape from the train to avoid being seen by the townspeople before he could come up with a plan to introduce his bride. Just as Miss Emily loved Homer, Jack loved his bride and married her whether the townspeople would like it or not and Jack loved his town, but loved his bride more so he married her without talking to the towns people. There are many correlations between Jack and his bride and between Emily and Homer. Both Jack and Emily are in love with their significant other, and both Jack and Emily choose the road of deceit. Jack keeps his marriage a secret from the town and Emily keeps the death of Homer a secret from the town. The two short stories chosen connect in a way that shows the reader how people judge and are prejudice towards others. In the story, The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky, there are several prejudices in the story. For instance when the porter bullied them with skills in ways that did not make it plain to them that they were being bullied (DiYanni, 2007). The porter on the train treated them with all the unconquerable kind of snobbery. He oppressed them in a way they had small knowledge of him doing so (DiYanni, 2007). In the story, A Rose for Emily, the towns people thought the Griersons were snobs in their own right, the towns people thought the Griersons held themselves a little too high for what they really were (DiYanni, 2007). Another part of the story finds Miss Emilys neighbor complaining to the judge about the smell coming from Miss Emilys house. She relates to Miss Emily as a high and mighty Grierson, and wants the judge to do something about the smell coming from the house (DiYann i, 2007). When Miss Emilys father dies, the towns people are glad in a way, saying Miss Emily would somehow now be humanized and learn what it was like to live on little money (DiYanni, 2007). It seems Faulkner and Crane must have been treated with some type of prejudice in their life. Perhaps Faulkner and Crane were prejudice towards others also. One could speculate that both of these writers reflect many personal life experiences in their writings. Prejudice has been around for so long that it may never completely go away. It is sad that people have to deal with this in their everyday lives, and one could argue that this is what makes some stronger and makes others weaker. The stories here both take place in the South, which would make sense as the South is still noted for harboring prejudices. Both authors speak with an apparent knowledge of the South Even though one of them was not born there. Stephen Crane spent quite some time in the South and found the people and towns very interesting. He was originally from New Jersey and instantly fell in love with a woman from Florida. This could have led to his writing about Jacks instant love for his bride from San Antonio. William Faulkner came from a traditional southern family and grew up in Mississippi. Being from the south, his writing knowledge and style are ever present in his stories. He describes southern family traits and customs that are still used today. Some of these would be the hospitality and community atmosphere. Communities do not only affect the language of the author but they also can provide the community of the authors work. Some communities act like an extended family and an author may want to show that aspect. Sometimes an author may wish to write about a close-knit community that knows everyone elses business. Often a writer will write about their community, illustrating certain cultural aspects that they hold dear. All of these can be examples of the writers community coming to life in their own stories. In A Rose for Emily (DiYanni, 2007), William Faulkner shows a community that is very involved with each other. They are constantly talking about what Miss Emily does, what she says, and whom she sees. William Faulkner speaks for the community using the pronoun, we, throughout the story. He describes how the community reacts to Homer Barron trying to court her, At first we were glad that Miss Emily would have an interestà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦ (p. 82). Everyone becomes very interested in Miss Emilys love life. When she buys poison they become worried that she was dumped and will now commit suicide. Then they hear that she bought things for a man and they become happy for her again. This is probably an example of the type of people William Faulkner was around. Another example of a community that is close comes from; The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky. In this story the marshal, Jack Potter, is illustrated as a very important figure in his community. Because he is a prominent figure he feels he committed a crime by leaving Yellow Sky to get married. Additionally, the townspeople speak kindly of the marshal when a former outlaw, Scratchy Wilson, goes on a drunken rampage, I wish Jack Potter was back from San Antonà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦ (p. 487). Jack is responsible for taking care of Scratchy when he gets drunk. Stephen Crane lived briefly in the Old West and more than likely witnessed similar events to that of Scratchy Wilson. Many people have been told they would never make anything of their lives by someone who had judged them before they knew whom they were. They then go on to prove them wrong by getting a degree and making for themselves a good life.    This is what makes so many of the writers stories relevant to their readers. They are able to draw the readers in using some of their own life experiences, which make the readings more interesting and can help the reader relate to the stories. It also enables the reader to become a part of the story. The readers can actually place themselves as a character in the story because many have had some type of prejudice directed towards them at some point in their lives. If one has ever lived in small town America, the description of how the towns people act in both stories The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky and A Rose for Emily are right on the money. Being one from a small town, it reminds me of both stories on how people judge marriage, there is something wrong with a person if they are not married by a certain age and then if some of the elders in the town do not approve of the marriage comments are made. Both stories in so many ways compare to life in small towns, where people have nothing better to do than to spy on someone to see what they can gossip about. As a youth, it did not matter which friends home your were visiting, the adults in that home were your surrogate parents while you were there. Even today, people are watched and dissected according to what they do and dont do as it relates to what is expected. Robert Frost was born on the west coast and then moved to the east coast. His poems deal more with his life in New England and with rural America. His life was hard and riddled with death and depression. Only two of his kids outlived him. His struggle with life and the many crossroads he faced are evident in his poem, The Road Not taken. Reading this poem reminds me of the fact that I am at a fork in the road and I have chosen my path. At this time, I do not know where this road will lead, but am anxious to find out. I found Frosts poem to be very tricky and very deep. The more I read it, the more I enjoyed it. I may have to save this one as it really spoke to me about choices we make. I found myself apprehensive at the beginning of this class. My ability to read and hopefully interpret poems has expanded since starting this course. I was never much into poems, but at least I am beginning to feel as though I can understand what the author is saying through the use of imagery and elements. As this class has progressed I have found through the readings in the class that I enjoyed most of the readings. I have found I now read with an open mind and do not judge a book, short story, poem, or play by its title. I read a story through and then read it again and find that it makes more sense the second time around. In conclusion, I feel the two short stories and one poem I chose can be compared in many different aspects. The three of them tie in very well with each other through conflict and prejudice. Even though the authors come from similar, but different backgrounds of life, they all wrote with their life experiences in mind. The authors had a talent for drawing readers into their stories and poems and kept the readers attention throughout the readings.